Ethiopia and the “West”: perceptions and relations

Prof. BAUDOUIN Axel Letters from Abyssinia- 1912. Paris-Djibouti- Addis Ababa
Prof. BUDIL Ivo Maria Theresa thaler, and the integration of Ethiopia into the Modern World System
Dr. HAARS Martin The film-maker J.A.M. Borgstädt and his film ‘Abessinien – Im Schatten des Goldenen Löwen’ (documentary, 1935, Germany)
Ms. HINZ Sarah Ethiopia and the 'League of European Brotherhood': Collective Identity and the Abyssinian Crisis 
Ms. HRYĆKO Katarzyna The Role of the United States in Suppressing the December 1960 Coup D’état in Ethiopia
Dr. KELLY Samantha Ethiopians at the Council of Florence (1441): Ethiopian self-representation, cross-cultural communication, and religious conditions in Ethiopia in the early fifteenth century 
Mr LOZANO Alonso Mario “De como Dom Christovão deu a primeyra batalha a el Rey de Zeila, na qual o mouro foi vencido e ferido”. Islam and Muslims in Ethiopia through the Portuguese Expeditionaries eyes (1541-1543)
Dr. SELTENE SEYOUM The Role of International Missions in the Ethiopian Resistance: 1939-1940
Prof. YAGYA Vatanyar Ethiopian-Russian relations: 2000 – beginning of 2010’s. Addis Ababa and Saint-Petersburg