First circular letter and call for panels


Dear Colleagues,

 The Department of African Languages and Cultures at the University of Warsaw has the great pleasure of announcing that the 19th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies will take place in Warsaw from the 24th to 28th August, 2015.

 An organizing committee has been formed from scholars who are working in close communication with the International Organizing Committee, the Institute of Ethiopian Studies and the Polish Scientific Board whose members are sharing their experience and offering their advice.

 Throughout the long history of the International Conference of Ethiopian Studies, the event has been successful in indicating new trends and directions and at the same time in maintaining the strong tradition of Ethiopian Studies. We hope that the 19th ICES will provide an opportunity to reflect upon the Orbis Aethiopicus, its diversity and interconnections in space and time. Through choosing such a motto for the Conference, we want to encourage scholars to combine methodological approaches, seek new connections between disciplines, shed new light on recurring issues, and look for a plurality of voices and perspectives.

 You can find more information about the Conference on our website ( It will serve as a preferred means of communication with the organizers, for sending in applications, and as the main source of all practical information. We kindly ask anyone interested in the Conference to look to the website for new information on a regular basis.

 The structure of the Conference has been inspired by over fifty years of the ICES tradition as well as by recent innovations which proved so effective in Dire Dawa. The papers will be delivered either within the framework of traditionally established panels (anthropology, archaeology, history, linguistics, philology and manuscript studies, politics, social sciences and development studies, religion, film) or more specific panels, the subjects of which we hope will be proposed by the scholarly community. We believe that such a combination of tradition and innovation will prove inclusive, intellectually satisfying, and will serve the main goal of the Conference that is to reflect the current state of Ethiopian studies worldwide.


Call for panels

 The organizers would like to encourage scholars and students conducting research in Ethiopian studies to submit proposals for topics to specific panels using the form available at The deadline for submitting proposals is 31st August 2014. The list of selected panels will be published on the conference website by early November 2014.

We encourage panel hosts to take into consideration the necessity to seek financing for scholars from Ethiopia and the neighbouring countries.

 Meanwhile, we kindly ask all the recipients of this e-mail to spread the news about the 19th ICES among anyone who might be interested in coming.

 Feel free to contact the organizing committee in case of any additional questions or comments.